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Alia by T03nemesis Alia by T03nemesis
This was part of an art trade with Timestones. This is Alia from MegaMan X...5 i believe. im not sure wut else, ive only played 1-3. But yeah she looked cool so i tried some new things with the colours, ya know different methods so she doesnt look like shes being burned by the sun like in all my other pics.

oh yeah, took me about 15 mins to draw, then about 3 hours to colour.

i need to find a way to get my lines thinner, i hate how thick they are. I mean the outlines, my inks. If anyone knows a better way, tell me plz.
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Zombie30000 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2009
I like this one a lot. Your line thickness is fine. I prefer bolder lines myself. Some people get to the point where they have no lines at all and if done well looks good. I use Photoshop's Pen tool to make paths to overlay my drawn lines and make them bolder. Then I go back with the eraser and taper the ends of all free-hanging lines to a point.

It looks like you do a taper between her fingers and hair. But if you try at her legs and especially the eyes I think you'll be more happy with your lines the way they are and maybe bolder.
eagle-eyes Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008  Student Digital Artist
wow how i love the way u did this!!! i'd more DYING if X were there!!! (no specific answer)
Hypes Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2007
Very nice!
Cabbagepots Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2007
Very pleasant to look at. Also, Alia's from all MMX games X5 and beyond.
Anar-chi Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
hot, considering she's a robot..............*starts drooling*
BloodDrenchedMoon Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
*drools*.........excelent job
orochiphoenix Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006
That right there's a cute Alia.
waydre Featured By Owner May 19, 2005  Professional Filmographer
agian, LOVE this piece!!
i see the hard work you put in, and its worth the sweat!
you have a very powerful gallery here, and i'm glad i stumbled upon ya!!
Caladbolgsama Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2005   Photographer
Alia! :D :heart: :love: :glomp: * marries her * She's my fav Rock Man X girl :D
Hehe, yupyup, she was introduced in X5 :D You were right :cuddle:
Dragon-Mage-Chick Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
cute ^_^

Caladbolgsama Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2005   Photographer
Alia-chan! :love: :love: :glomp: :kiss: :cuddle:
As you can tell, I love Alia ^-^
Yupyup, she's from X5, X6, X7 and X8 (X8 being my favourite)
Beautiful, cute piccy of her! :love:
* goes to look at your gallery *
NeoSlashott Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
^^ I think it looks fine for the outline. As for meh, I don't have any problem drawing outlines thick or thin.... without using any pen. (Just a digital pen-tool that is...)

I love the softness of these colors. Alia's somehow... kawaii =D
Flowery Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2005
Alia! <3 Great job on everything.
Flowery Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2005
Alia! <3 Great job on everything.
Rhythm-Wily Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2004
I love this stylized version!! Though her knees seem a little low...Yet I still don't seem to mind this.
arcanux Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bombastic!! U give all your works a cute look, i like that!
matsujama Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2004
Its very nice work i like this art a lot . Nice :winner:
Dualmask Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
This is an awesome piece, you actually made a Mega Man character look sexy. I'm impressed. :+fav: As for your inking issue, might I suggest using Pigma Microns, size .005 and .01 for most of your ink work? That's what I do.
Spatial Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004
Great work and a definate :+fav:
MoonMongoose Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2004
:jawdrop: my god, it's superb. I can't think of words to describe how much I'm loving this pic. :+favlove:
lightfootcomics Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2004   Digital Artist
That's really impressive. :+fav: That CG display thing behind her is really cool.

I think the lines look good the way they are, but I draw lines that are several times thicker.
g-magnetic Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004   Digital Artist
smooooth! lines look stylistic and fit with the character anyway...and what a sexy character she is! :D
cool colouring, especially on the chest/leg garment
tennyoceres Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004
first thing that came to mind: aaaaaaaaawww how cute!
after seeing the image in full view: damn, that's hot.

there's something wrong with those boobs. even with the shading they appear flat.
Zebeth11 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004   Traditional Artist
Man, thats awesome.....
BettyKwong Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
this is awesome ^^ you did a great job! keep it up
Sephiroth777777 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004
Very cool :D I like it
MightyPirate Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004
wow, I love your work, it's just so incredible. One of these days you're going to have to tell me the basics.

Anyway, as for the lines, I don't know why you'd want to change them as they seem perfect to me. If you did want to though, I don't know what type of pen you use, but I would recomend you buy a bunch of gel pens and find one that has a really low ink flow and a really small point. That should allow you to do really, REALLY fine lines.

RussMcLane Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004
Hey Gordo, nice drawint! My favorite part is the cooch. I like the shape of the waste and the whole drawing just makes me feel warm in my danger zone.
okkaywarner Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004
very nice! neat! I like it!
gammarallyson Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice!

I'm not a big X fan, burt you did a great job on drawing Alia, who is a cute character, but you made herlook sexy. That and she's actually standing, which most pic of her is either a head shot or her screaming at the computer! XD ;;

Anyway, the lines are a neat touch to the pic, and the coloring is fantastic!

Keep it up and keep doing what your doing! :+favlove:
T03nemesis Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004
:D thanks everyone! i feel like im the only one who hasnt played these new X games. I personally think that the Zero series is better, but im bias cause i prefer a sword over a gun by far.

But yeah, i need to draw Roll and possibly Ciel. I fell in love with Roll ever since i saw Capcom vs. Marvel 2. I saw a tiny little gurl beat up a sentinal...i was laughin so hard.
Skribbl Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004  Student General Artist
XD I always play as Roll, a young female robot belting the shit outta the hulk, always good fun XD
joshyartist Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004  Student Digital Artist
Its art like this that can make someone like me envious of your talent and shameful of my own. However this is megaman fan-art so lemme get into the aherm "fanatic nerd" point of view..

Alia is a reploid spotter kind of person. She gives Maverick Hunters tactical advantages in missions. She's been in X5, 6 and 7.

/fanatic nerd

All in all I'd say great job you added sort of a sensual spice to her. She seems all sexy now. Good job. NOW DO ROLL! =D XD
Elenath- Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004
Wow awesome cg and great linkework, just amazing ^^
Keep up the good work, this is a gooder!
Ari-Spike-Nadelman Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Wow dave you really really impress me with this one, but my comment on it would be that...her boobs aren't big enough. For shame D. oh and sorry for making you wake up for nothing. My Bad. :(
thunderfoxjt Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004
Awesome, looks even sexier!
tasui Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004
cool cool!! ^_____^ Try Ciel from Rockman Zero! ^_______^
TEi-Has-Pants Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004
I know that certain kinds of pens (like what I use, the Pigma Microns) come in varying thicknesses. I'm experimenting right now with using a thicker pen for all outside outlines, and smaller ones for the rest. There's really a noticable difference, too. They're felt-tipped, so I dunno if that's your thing, but I definitely recommend 'em.

Anyway, the pic itself is nice--it gives Alia a nice, sexy appearance. Which she needs after X7, because she's such a fucking pain in the ass. About once in each area you run into a spot where she'll shout your name, and deviating even a few steps (or having to backtrack) makes her do it again. So cool job ^^
Skribbl Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004  Student General Artist
wikid, some great work here.

Alia is from 5 onward X3

nneejj Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004
wow...:drool: nice coloring.. so cute..
LadyZelda Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004   Traditional Artist
this is so cute, i love the pose!

and i think the lines are fine
Timestones Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004
All I have to say is, damn, that's hot. Seriously man, Alia's always been cute, but you just made her a million times better.

And those outlines, my friend, are not thick in any way. You want thick outlines? You should check out something I have in the works.
Mastergodai Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
nice this is a very sexy pic fantastic job
AnDrEa003 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004
I love ur style ,i love her clothes and soes!!!!:D

See my gallery:gallery:
I Love the music!!:tunes:
dan-heron Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004
Excelent, you did it way better than the original art. Tell me you're kidding about the thick lines, it seems perfect to me, but why don't you try with normal pencils and then play with the contrast and lightness?
smokesmokefayefaye Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
thats really cute :) love the way u colored it ^^ and i like the thing in the bg :)
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